The Bid-Bod

A Toolbox of Practical
Techniques To Help Transform
Your Text Into A Winning Bid

Click to stream the free video introduction, and get a flavour of the whole online programme.

If you want a working toolbox by your side rather than a lot of theory, Bid-Bod is for you. Forged from decades of blood, sweat and tears, these tools work.
They will bring your document to life, and help you create a winning proposal.

The Bid-Bod is both a training programme, and an online ‘partner’ working beside you, helping you construct winning bids. 

It costs £333.00 + VAT per Registered User. This provides you with 24/7 personal access to the online toolbox, for a licence period of 12 months.

We’ll need your name, and an email address that applies just to you. Corporate or shared email addresses such as admin@etc. are not acceptable.  We’ll issue you with a unique password, which mustn’t be disclosed to anyone else.

Only Registered Users can access Bid-Bod, from anywhere in the world, using their unique email address and private password. They can feature it on the big screen during brainstorms, training sessions, meetings and video conferencing. And personally, when working in the office, at home, or en route.


“We’re in the trenches, we’ve left the classroom behind. Now we’re down and dirty. We need to win this bid. The Bid-Bod hands you weapons designed to give you an advantage over the competition. Each Module addresses a stage in the battle. Collectively, they will help you win the war.”

The Bid-Bod consists of 4 comprehensive Modules, each forensically addressing critical components and stages of a bid. For more details about each Module, simply access them via the links below or via the toolbar at the top.

Module 1

Opening Key

Module 2


Module 3

The Traffic
Lights Analyser

Module 4