MODULE 1 – The Opening Key

Ensuring A Robust, Client-Centric Structure From The Beginning

The ITT has come in. How will you deal with it? What are your Key Win Themes?
This tool unlocks them at your very first brainstorm.


“Why do we waste time struggling to construct a strategy when the client has already given us the master plan? It’s a mystery. Perhaps we fear the ITT and will do everything to avoid confronting it? The danger is that this can lead us away from the client’s objectives and focus, wrongly, on our own objectives. The Bid-Bod replaces uncertainty with a clear direction of fire, and confidence that we will hit the target.

Module 1 provides a forensic approach to the ITT, ensuring you don’t miss something vital in the questions.

It also identifies the hard bits to answer – better to know upfront!

Your writers can then get working straight away, without fretting about “How do I begin?”

No waffle or unnecessary introductions. They get a clear and positive brief.

Module 1 creates a dynamic, skeletal structure for the whole document – one that the client is bound to like.

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