MODULE 3 – The Traffic Lights Analyser


The reader is a totally different animal to the writer. We are both, of course, during the day – Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – we read and we write.

Readers don’t engage with a document in the way, or the order, it’s been written. They dance around, up and down the page, in and out of paragraphs. We can’t predict what they’re looking for or absorbing. But what we can do is to confront them with the really good bits. At first draft, those are likely to be buried somewhere in the text. Even we can’t see them easily. You need the Traffic Lights Analyser to do this for you.

This tool reveals where the potency is in your text. And where it isn’t! It’s like putting on a pair of X-Ray Spex!


“Like a dawn raid, the Traffic Lights Analyser will always surprise you.
Why was that vital message buried inside my text? Answer – because you wrote an essay. Here’s your chance to get the good stuff up and over the top, into exposed positions. So however much readers may be dancing around, you’re bound to hit them.”

3 coloured highlighters enable you to look at your first draft in a completely different way. In black-and-white text, the potency is often hidden from the reader. But the Traffic Lights Analyser reveals it like a ‘template of truth’, enabling you to expose and strengthen it.

Module 3 also contains details of the SO-WHAT? Test. This unique tool enables you, without effort or special training, to develop powerful selling messages from factual text.

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