MODULE 4 – The Wordsmith


The quicker and easier it is to read your text, the more successful your document will be.


“Long sentences are essays. There isn’t time for them. Shortening them does readers a big favour. And wherever we can lighten their load, we do ourselves a big favour. Quickly they get what you’re saying to them, because shorter sentences fire one point at a time. It means accurate targeting instead of dither and obfuscation.”

You’ve used Modules 1 – 3 to strengthen your proposal with powerful, exposed messages. You don’t want to then destroy the reader’s enthusiasm with impenetrable body text.

This tool is designed to make reading more of a pleasure, less of a chore. It demonstrates several simple methods of shortening your sentences. We tend to write long sentences, as though we’re writing a novel. And whilst readers are perfectly intelligent enough to plough through them, the question is, will they? Remember also, the longer the sentence, the greater the chance of it being misread and misunderstood.

So spare a thought for these readers, who have to mark your document, as well as several others from the competition. At what stage does bid-fatigue set in? Making your text simpler to read might leverage your bid considerably in your favour.

This Module also identifies 10 commonly-used words that work against you. It’s almost guaranteed that your first draft will contain several of them. A simple word-search gives you the opportunity to identify them and change them to deliver far more powerful messages.

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