Help with a bid

Help with a bid

About The Service

We’ve handled a lot of project-driven, ‘copy-doctor’ work, which is always quoted individually.  No two jobs are the same.

We can facilitate a brainstorm for you, provided we have advanced sight of the ITT and any other relevant information.  This is effectively helping you apply Module 1 from Bid-Bod.  It aims to create a structure for the bid, some key sectional headlines, and a clear brief for the writers.

We can be part of your editorial team, helping you transform a first draft into a winning document.  Or we’re equally at home focused on a section of a bid – an Executive Summary, for example.

We can also be responsible for applying just one of Bid-Bod’s Modules to your draft text.  For example, exposing and exploiting the potent text, using the Traffic Lights Analyser throughout the document.  Or attending editorially to the body text for sentence length and clarity.